Moving the Web

Itteco is international team that was founded in 2008. We delivered number of web and mobile projects for our customers over the years. Since 2011, our main focus is on our own products. See the list below.

Iframely Embeds Protocol

Simple embeds publishing and discovery for modern web. Embed responsively. Control what you publish. Choose what you consume.

Derives from oEmbed, but focuses solely on User Experience.

Iframely Open-Source Gateway

Iframely gateway is self-hosted embeds & web parsers. It converts domains into Iframely Protocol compliant publishers.

Over 100 custom domain parsers + Iframely, oEmbed, Twitter Cards scrapers.

Embeds Domains DB

Our dedicated engineers carefully test and regression-test domains against Iframely, oEmbed, Open Graph and Twitter Cards protocols.

The Web Shortener.

Convert any URL into content-only frame and share it as a short link.

Remote workspace for print magazines & design agencies

Launching soon.

Nowork FM

Your team's base station.

No-nonsense link sharing & messaging makes entire team tuned & up-to-date.


Ivan Paramonau

Nazar Leush

Taras Kolyagin

Elena Kastritsa

Itteco Headquaters

Ottawa, Canada
+1 (613) 686-1200